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Embracing Flared Denim

If you would’ve told me a few years ago that flared denim was going to make a comeback, I’d give myself a headache from how far back my eyes would roll. Needless to say, the trend took over the streets of NYC and I fell for it, hard. As a tall girl (I’m 6ft tall) I can appreciate cropped denim because I don’t have to worry about them being long enough. No matter how cropped they are, ISSA LOOK regardless!

With that being said, it did take me sometime to figure out how to style these. Before I took the plunge and purchased this pair, the term ‘high-waters’ kept echoing in my mind. I got over it real quick once I realized that my middle school bullies no longer phase me. I decided to style them with a bodysuit that contours my shape to give my jeans the spotlight. A turtleneck or cable knit sweater would definitely give these jeans a more polished look if that’s what you’re going for. Also, you can’t really tell in the photos but I wore socks with my boots because Winter. As the weather gets warmer I can definitely see myself pairing these with loafers or a pair of slingback heels. 

Needless to say, I think having 1 or 2 pairs of these in your closet wouldn’t hurt. Just like any other trend, these might add some versatility to your style in the moment but who knows how long this trend might last. What are your thoughts on cropped flared denim? Do you think this trend will stick around a while longer? Let me know your thoughts!

Janibell xx

Bodysuit: here, similar here and here Bottom: here, similar here and here Shoes: here, similar here and here Coat: Old from Banana Republic, similar here and here


  1. Mairaly Rodriguez Mairaly Rodriguez

    Ayeeeeeeeeee first blog post wassgoood!!!!! Love this keep it up boo!!!

    • janibellrosanne janibellrosanne

      Thanks Mairaly! You’re the best (:

  2. Betania Betania

    Everything looks great! You look great, you’re great. Go off sis!

    • janibellrosanne janibellrosanne

      Thank you Betaniaaaaaa <3

  3. Cheyenne Cheyenne

    Super cute i love it !!✨✨👏🏾 Def thinking about picking up some and pairing it with a super flamboyant turtleneck sweater, just bc I’m just that extra lol

    • janibellrosanne janibellrosanne

      Thank you! Being extra is always the way to go 😉

      • Cheyenne Cheyenne

        You’re welcome ! ✨

  4. frecklefaceford frecklefaceford

    I got a pair of cropped flairs too and I can’t wait for spring to wear some
    mules with them 👌🏻

    • janibellrosanne janibellrosanne

      Yesss! Definitely the perfect spring addition.

  5. Tia Tia

    Omggg yass sis! You look great, can’t wait to see more slayage!

    • janibellrosanne janibellrosanne

      Thanks Tia!! Got you girl (:

  6. Yasss..still thinking of how much I needs that bodysuit 🤗

    • janibellrosanne janibellrosanne

      Get it girl! It’s so flattering!

  7. Ping Ping

    I’m so excited for your blog! Keep it up!

    • janibellrosanne janibellrosanne

      Thank you Ping!!

  8. Michelle Michelle

    Bloody inspired by this! I really like the way you write (also it’s nice to read a blog fellow tall girl) 🙂

    • janibellrosanne janibellrosanne

      That makes me so happy! Tall girls have to stick together haha. Thank you!

  9. Jaida Jaida

    Congrats 🍾🎉 girl!!!! First blog post, and thank you because I see these pants all the time but I bet know what to pair them with. Thank you chica!!!!🙏🤗

    • Jaida Jaida


    • janibellrosanne janibellrosanne

      No thank YOU Jaida for reading my post 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed it!

  10. Lea Lea

    Haha! It was only a matter of time before flared denim made a comeback. I like it a lot! Maybe not as high, mainly because I’m shorter (5’7”) and “high-water” would still be echo-ing in my head lol but that polished look idea sound real cute! Thank you!

    • janibellrosanne janibellrosanne

      I feel the same way! I used to love them when I was younger but I’m loving the cropped version.

  11. Congrats on your first blog post!! Loved it girly can’t wait for more 😍😍💖🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🎉🙏🏼

    • janibellrosanne janibellrosanne

      Thanks so much beauty!

  12. I can’t wait to read many more of these!! Keep doing your thing ❤️ It’s really awesome to see

    • janibellrosanne janibellrosanne

      Thanks Diana! (:

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